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Of Pan, this is what the myths tell us:

Pan is both one of the eldest and the youngest gods. He makes his home in Arcadia, far from Olympus, he is the god of the wilderness, of shepherds and flocks and hunters, of rustic music and lust, of theatrical criticism. He is the son of Zeus. Or the son of Hermes. Or the son of Dionysus. Yet he is said to be older than the Olympians, and taught Apollo prophecy and provided Artemis with her hunting dogs. He was instrumental in defeating the Titans, by spreading panikon deima to confuse and terrorize them.

Pan has the dubious distinction of being the only Greek god to die.

This is the truth:

Pan has, in a way, been born thrice - first as Pandemonium, the primordial god, second as the son of Dionysus and the nymph Dryope, and a third time in a rebirth that left him with the form of a human instead of a satyr. He has died, at the hand of a trickster god he can't remember, and as a result, Pan doesn’t just (wisely) distrust tricksters, he despises them. However, being one of their number, Pan is extremely good at concealing this hate, and unless someone delves deep, they won't notice that he behaves any differently with a trickster than with any other immortal or mortal.

He once lived on Olympus, a very long time ago, and was pushed out to Arcadia, where he doesn’t need to deal with the politics and machinations of his relatives. He’s mischievous and charming and cynical. He’s by turns sensual and cold, social and a loner, sixteen and ancient. These days, you can find Pan anywhere the wild is - from cities to forests to everything in between - but just recently he's been in New York City, masquerading as the tremendously youthful landscape architect Peter Wild.

Pan is played by Nicholas Hoult. Both mun and muse are over eighteen.

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